Best of iF Design Award

Vom Stuhl, über eine Lichtinstallation bis hin zum Sauna- & Hammam-System: Wir haben Ihnen aus den Preisträgern diejenigen herausgesucht, die sich auch für die Ausstattung eines Hotels eignen...

Der iF Design Award gehört zu den bekanntesten Designpreisen der Welt und mit fast 10.000 eingereichten Beiträgen war es in diesem Jahr die umfangreichste iF-Abstimmung aller Zeiten. Plus: Der Wettbewerb musste erstmalig (aufgrund von Corona) rein digital juriert werden.

Zwei Juries mit 98 unabhängigen Designexperten in über 20 Ländern wählten die Gewinner in den neun Disziplinen Produktdesign, Kommunikationsdesign, Verpackungsdesign, Architektur, Innenarchitektur, Professional Concept, Service Design, User Experience (UX) (neu) und User Interface (UI) (neu).

Final können sich 1.744 Teilnehmer über den Gewinn eines Awards freuen. Die 75 herausragendsten Gestaltungs- und Innovationsleistungen wurden von der Jury mit einem iF gold award 2021 ausgezeichnet.

Pandemiebedingt können die Preisträger des Awards auch in diesem Jahr nicht in Berlin gefeiert werden. Stattdessen organisiert iF Design eine weltweite digitale Preisträger-Kampagne. Gestartet wird die Winner-Promotion am 10. Mai 2021 – dem Tag der ursprünglich geplanten Preisverleihung.

14 herausragende Gewinner, relevant für Hotels

Wir haben Ihnen aus den 75 herausragendsten Gewinnern des Awards diejenigen herausgesucht, die sich auch für die Ausstattung von Hotels eignen (Text auf Englisch). Alle hier beschriebenen Gewinner finden Sie mit Bild oben in der Galerie.

Lighting: Lámina

Kategorie: Lighting

A line of light and a thin metal sheet create a soft and effective diffusion. Lámina exploits the virtues of reflected light with simple, clean lines in varying shades and sizes, laid bare and fully exposed. This pendant lamp fascinates the eye with the elegance of its curve and soothing light. Whether as a single unit or several in sequence, in small or large sizes, Antoni Arola's combination of formal purity and functional virtue elicits emotion. A marriage of the poetic and the practical: creating a soft and pleasant light without glare.

Designbüro: Antoni Arola, Barcelona, Spanien

Hersteller / Auftraggeber: Santa & Cole, Barcelona, Spanien Barcelona, Spanien

Chair: "Ikona"

Kategorie: Home Furniture

The Ikona monobloc chair was born to become an iconic piece of furniture as its name suggests--a design classic, destined to overcome the test of time. Its organic open-armed shape is inviting and embraces the person seated. The Ikona chair is produced as a single piece of injected polypropylene with fiberglass using gas-assisted injection molding technology and UV protection. It is stackable, lightweight, and comes in six trendy colors. Ikona is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and the perfect choice for a wide variety of settings.

Designbüro: Pensi Design Studio, Barcelona, Spanien

Hersteller / Auftraggeber: RESINAS OLOT S. L., Les Preses, Spanien

Kitchen system: "Masterbox"

Kategorie: Kitchen

Masterbox is a modular kitchen system made of steel for offices, apartments and hotels. Compared with wooden kitchens, these are more stable, robust, hygienic, have a longer shelf life because they are also moisture and heat resistant, and practically free of fire risk. In contrast to conventional kitchens, the modules are magnetically connected in a symmetrical surrounding frame (loop). An outdoor version of this system is available. Meerbusch, Deutschland

Design und Hersteller: Inwerk GmbH, Deutschland

Wine cabinet: "ASKO Elements wine climate cabinet"

Kategorie: Kitchen

The Asko climatized wine cabinet has 3 independent temperature zones to help you preserve, age or serve your wine in optimal conditions. Innovative features include a unique system to scan the bottle with the integrated camera or using the app, retrieving data from the Vivino database for your digital inventory. The serving area features color-adjustable illumination. The wooden shelves and chalkboards communicate craftmanship and harmonize well with the advanced technology. The design of the glass door and elegant handle ensures that this cabinet blends perfectly into the most stylish living spaces.

Designbüro: ASKO ATAG Design Team Netherlands, Iris Hogervorst (UI/UX), Elisa Madroñero (UI/UX), Tina Jerabek, Denis Tomazin (App), Vincent Hofstee (Design Manager), M. Repinc (Project Manager), J. Zwijnenberg (Product Manager), Duiven, Niederlande; Waacs; Rotterdam, Niederlande

Hersteller / Auftraggeber: ASKO Appliances AB Sweden, Lidköping, Schweden Duiven, Niederlande

Wine rack: "Cacho Wine Stand"

Kategorie: Household / Tableware

The «Cacho wine stand» presents a functional, practical solution for storing wine. With a modular design, which allows several assembly possibilities, the Cacho wine rack can be easily installed in the most varied spaces, from a narrow pilaster to a wide wall, serving small apartments to large restaurants. The simplicity of its design and the minimal use of materials allows for fast and low-cost production, making the product accessible and sustainable, given that the entire wine rack can be easily recycled.

Designbüro: Choque Design, Dimitri Lociks Cavalcanti de Gusmão, Simone Turíbio Brígido, Brasília, Brasilien

Hersteller / Auftraggeber: Móveis James Ltda., São Bento do Sul, Brasilien São Bento do Sul - SC, Brasilien

Air purifier: "BESPOKE Air Purifier AX9500N"

Kategorie: Household / Tableware

The BESPOKE air purifier lets the consumer choose the front panel design to match their lifestyle, personality, and interior design. Timeless design features include stripes and herringbone patterns with concise vertical and horizontal architectural details. The device can be moved easily thanks to a stand combination. By applying a three-dimensional form that performs strong suction from the rear, it conveys a sense of sturdy confidence. The outlet, which can be adjusted in three stages, maximizes convenience of use by enabling customized clean management.

Designbüro: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Cheolyeon Cho, Minkyung Choi, Taehan Kim, Seungmok Lee, Yoonjung Oh, Seoul, Republik Korea

Hersteller / Auftraggeber: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Seoul, Republik Korea Seoul, Republik Korea

Glass series: "ROCKS"

Kategorie: Household / Tableware

This is a glass collection created to bring out the best in your favorite drinks. Whiskey simply tastes better in a lowball glass, and the pleasure of a long drink is extended when it is served in a highball glass. That's why Zone Denmark's new ROCKS bar concept includes a range of 6 different lead-free mouthblown crystal glasses and an eyecatching carafe. The design is a simple conical shape withgorgeous, sensual details such as a solid bottom.

Designbüro: Mavro & Lefevre, Copenhagen K, Dänemark

Hersteller / Auftraggeber: Zone Denmark, Viborg, Dänemark Viborg, Dänemark

Sauna and hammam system: "YOKU SH"

Kategorie: Bathroom

The Yoku SH system is a warm and welcoming space for wellbeing with an essential, well-proportioned, and minimalist design. Yoku SH brings together a sauna, a Turkish bath, and a shower in a spa that lets you relive these ancient practices. The key features of the Yoku SH system are the large recessed glass wall in smoked bronze along the front and the vertical elements in natural wood which create the feeling of being outdoors, in the middle of a forest, bringing elegance and privacy to the spa experience.

Designbüro: Zup Design, Perugia, Italien

Hersteller / Auftraggeber: Effegibi S.r.l., Cesena, Italien

Induction urinal: "YURI induction urinal"

Kategorie: Bathroom

This urinal's oval-shaped bowl features a soft, wide, and rounded design. It is composed of flat and curved surfaces plus the integral molding surface has no gaps, enabling cleaning staff to work faster. The blue self-cleaning glaze used on the surface of the porcelain body has a good antibacterial effect and makes it easy to clean. A sterilization module has been added to the flushing system to sterilize and deodorize the porcelain bowl, optimizing the sanitary environment of public toilets and bringing users peace of mind.

Designbüro: ARROW, Zuowei Lu, Lanxiang Cai, Hao Li Foshan, China

Hersteller / Auftraggeber: ARROW Home Group Inc., Foshan, China Foshan, China

Floor drain: "Suspension floor drain"

Kategorie: Bathroom

Suspension is a magical floating drain. Its streamlined design accelerates water drainage, which is automatically adjusted dependingon the amount of water used. The automatic lifting mechanism facilitates cleaning and maintenance. The Suspension drain is based on the principles of magnetic levitation and features a U-shaped connector. The design is ingenious in that the repulsion between equal magnetic poles and the buoyancy of the floating ball lifts the cover of the drain to increase water drainage; once the water has drained completely, the cover automatically descends.

Designbüro: JOMOO Kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd., Pingli Dong, Liming Su, Ruo Pan, Hua Feng, Xuegang Xie, Ruihong Wang, Menglan Chen, Ruxue Han, Yifan Lin, Yuanhong Zheng, Fujian, China Fujian, China

Washbasin mixer: "AXOR One Select Basin Mixers"

Kategorie: Bathroom

AXOR One. A bathroom collection so elegant, elemental, and pure, it could be realized only through radical innovation. Familiar archetypes have been reinvented for greater clarity, enhanced function, and superior control. Positioning the cartridge underneath the washbasin makes the exceptionally slim silhouette of the mixers possible. Utilizing Select technology, the mechanical mixer handles enable precise, water-saving on/off and temperature control. Timeless design--available in Chrome, Matt Black, and 15 exclusive AXOR FinishPlus surfaces.

Designbüro: Barber & Osgerby, London, Vereinigtes Königreich

Hersteller / Auftraggeber: Hansgrohe SE, Schiltach, Deutschland Schiltach, Deutschland

Heat pump: "Vitocal"

Kategorie: Building Technology

The Vitocal heat pump enables owners to heat their homes with carbon-neutral renewable energy. The monolithic shape of the newly designed outdoor unit blends into the architectural environment. Refined details such as the thin frame of the generous noise-optimized front grille and the convex-shaped top cover create a robust and durable design. Accessories for wall- and ground-mounting fully integrate all necessary connection pipes. The compact indoor unit introduces Viessmann's consistent design language to a new product category. Its high degree of technological integration reduces the space required by 60% and installation time by 90 minutes.

Designbüro: Viessmann Climate Solution Berlin, Felix Klingmüller, Wenke Förster, Berlin, Deutschland

Hersteller / Auftraggeber: Viessmann Climate Solutions SE, Allendorf (Eder), Deutschland Berlin, Deutschland

Thermostat: "Nest Thermostat"

Kategorie: Building Technology

The Nest Thermostat is Google's entry-level thermostat that can help more customers save energy while delivering comfort. The design goal was to show that beautiful design does not need to be expensive.Affordable thermostats in the competitive landscape felt outdated and uninspired; Google saw an opportunity to design a truly beautiful thermostat. The construction is efficient; it's essentially a bowl with an inset lid. The elevated lip not only works as a pleasing design detail butalso physically protects the lens and helps with manufacturing tolerances.

Designbüro: Google LLC, Mountain View, CA, Vereinigte Staaten

Hersteller / Auftraggeber: Google LLC, Mountain View, CA, Vereinigte Staaten Mountain view, Vereinigte Staaten

Air purifying lamp: "Airluna"

Kategorie: Building Technology

Airluna is the world's first air purifying lamp. Equipped with patented PACO nanotechnology, Airluna can destroy 99.9% of viruses, including microbes even tinier than COVID-19. The device also breaks down the molecules of harmful chemicals and odors into harmless elements. PACO technology can last up to 10 years, greatly reducing replacement filter costs and the device's environmental footprint. The Airluna app lets users can remotely control and monitor indoor air quality. Other benefits include Airluna's space-saving design and contemporary form factor, plus its ingenious use of airflow to lower the heat of the LED, effectively prolonging its lifespan. Hong Kong, Sonderverwaltungsregion Hongkong